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HonoreeCityYear InductedLifespanVideo
Andrews, Eliza Frances (Fanny)Washington20061840 - 1931
Anthony, Madeleine KikerDahlonega20031903 - 1989
Atkinson, Susan Cobb MiltonNewnan19961860 - 1942Play Honoree Video
Bailey, Sarah RandolphMacon20121885 – 1972Play Honoree Video
Bandy, Dicksie BradleyDalton19931890 - 1971Play Honoree Video
Barrow, Elfrida De RenneSavannah20081884 - 1970
Beasley, MathildaSavannah20041832 - 1903Play Honoree Video
Berry, Martha McChesneyRome19921866 - 1942
Black, Nellie PetersAtlanta19961851 - 1919Play Honoree Video
Bosomworth, Mary MusgroveSavannah19931700 - 1765
Butler, Selena SloanAtlanta19951872 - 1964Play Honoree Video
Bynum, Margaret O.Atlanta20071921 - 1982Play Honoree Video
Carter, Lillian GordyRichland20111898 – 1983Play Honoree Video
Cobb, Helena Maud BrownBarnesville20031869 - 1922Play Honoree Video
Coleman, Julia L.Plains20011889 - 1973Play Honoree Video
Coley, Mary Francis HillBaker County20111900 – 1966Play Honoree Video
Connell, Wessie GertrudeCairo20021915 - 1987
Craft, Ellen SmithMacon19961826 - 1891Play Honoree Video
Davis, Sallie EllisMilledgeville20001877 - 1950Play Honoree Video
Dillon, Julia LesterAugusta20031871 - 1959Play Honoree Video
Dull, Henrietta Stanley (S.R)Atlanta20131863-1964Play Honoree Video
Durham, Cassandra PickettAmericus19931824 - 1885
Evans, Lettie PateAtlanta19981872 - 1953Play Honoree Video
Felton, Rebecca LatimerCartersville19971835 - 1930Play Honoree Video
Flisch, Julia AnnaAthens19941861 - 1941Play Honoree Video
Foster, Edith LenoraCarrolton20071906 - 1996Play Honoree Video
Gay, Mary Ann HarrisDecatur19971829 - 1918Play Honoree Video
Graves, Amilee ChastainClarkesville20081910 - 1983Play Honoree Video
Hamilton, Grace TownsAtlanta20061907 - 1992Play Honoree Video
Harpst, EthelCedartown20121883 – 1967Play Honoree Video
Harris, Corra Mae WhiteBartow County19961869 - 1935Play Honoree Video
Harris, Julia CollierColumbus19981885 - 1967
Hart, Allie CarrollMadison20151913-2003
Hart, Nancy MorganWikes-Hart County19971735 - 1830Play Honoree Video
Haygood, Laura AskewMacon20001845 - 1900
Hays, Louise FrederickMacon/Marshallville20041881 - 1951Play Honoree Video
Hillhouse, Sarah PorterWashington20061763 - 1831Play Honoree Video
Hope, Lugenia BurnsAtlanta19961871 - 1947Play Honoree Video
Howard, May duBignon StilesSavannah20111894 – 1983Play Honoree Video
Hunter, Anna ColquittSavannah19951892 - 1985
Jewett, Mary GregoryAtlanta20131908-1976Play Honoree Video
Kaufman, RhodaColumbus, Atlanta19981888 - 1956Play Honoree Video
Laney, Lucy CraftAugusta19921854 - 1933Play Honoree Video
Lipscomb, MaryAthens20101848 - 1918Play Honoree Video
Logan, Carrie SteeleAtlanta19981829 - 1900Play Honoree Video
Longstreet, Helen DortchGainesville20041863 - 1962Play Honoree Video
Low, Juliette GordonSavannah19921860 - 1927Play Honoree Video
Mankin, Helen DouglasAtlanta20071894 - 1956Play Honoree Video
Matthews, Sara BranhamOxford19921888 - 1962
McCullers, CarsonColumbus19941917 - 1967Play Honoree Video
McEachern, Lula DobbsCobb County20021874 - 1949Play Honoree Video
McIntire, Lucy BarrowSavannah19971886 - 1975
McKane, Alice WoodbySavannah20051865 - 1948Play Honoree Video
Michael, Moina BelleAthens19991869 - 1944Play Honoree Video
Miller, Caroline PaffordWaycross20091903 - 1992Play Honoree Video
Mitchell, MargaretAtlanta19941900 - 1949Play Honoree Video
Mosley, Ruth HartleyMacon19941886 - 1975Play Honoree Video
Murphy, Sarah McLendonCedartown20041892 - 1954
Myrick, Susan DowdellMilledgeville20081893 - 1978Play Honoree Video
Napier, Viola RossMacon19931881 - 1962Play Honoree Video
Oliver, Beulah RuckerGainesville20121888 – 1963Play Honoree Video
O’Connor, FlanneryMilledgeville19921925 - 1964Play Honoree Video
Pape, Nina AndersonSavannah20051869 - 1944Play Honoree Video
Pauley, Frances FreebornDecatur20151905-2003
Powers, HarrietClarke County20091837 - 1910Play Honoree Video
Raines, HazelMacon19951916 - 1956Play Honoree Video
Rainey, Gertrude Pridgett “Ma”Columbus19931886 - 1939Play Honoree Video
Rankin, Jeannette PickeringWatkinsville20051880 - 1973Play Honoree Video
Sibley, CelestineAtlanta20101914 - 1999Play Honoree Video
Smith, Lillian EugeniaClayton19991897 - 1966Play Honoree Video
Strickland, Alice HarrellDuluth20021859 - 1947Play Honoree Video
Taylor, Rebecca StilesSavannah20141879 – 1958Play Honoree Video
Thomas, Ella Gertrude ClantonAugusta20141834 – 1907Play Honoree Video
Tubman, Emily Harvie ThomasAugusta19941794 - 1885Play Honoree Video
Usher, BazolineAtlanta20141885 – 1992Play Honoree Video
Whitener, Catherine EvansDalton20011880 - 1964Play Honoree Video
Wilburn, Leila RossMacon20031885 - 1967Play Honoree Video
Williams, MadridMacon20101911 - 1993Play Honoree Video
Wilson, Ellen Louise AxsonSavannah, Rome20001860 - 1914Play Honoree Video
Woodruff, Nell Kendall HodgsonAtlanta20151892 – 1968
Woodward, Emily BarneliaVienna20041885 - 1970
Wylie, Lollie Belle MooreAtlanta20131858-1923Play Honoree Video
Yarn, Jane HurtAtlanta20091924 - 1995Play Honoree Video