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2014 Inductees

Rebecca Stiles Taylor (1879 – 1958)

After organizing the Savannah chapter of the National Association of Colored Women in 1918, Rebecca Stiles Taylor became the first president. She joined Mary McLeod Bethune in 1919 to organize the Southeastern Region National Association of Colored Women, serving as corresponding secretary and president of the Georgia State Federation. From 1923 to 1927 she was president of the Southeastern Region association.

Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas (1834 – 1907)

The journal of Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas, spans the years from 1848 to 1889. It is rare for its treatment of both the Civil War and postbellum years and for its candor and detail of those eras. She was born to wealth and privilege and reared in the tradition of the southern belle. Her journal tells of the hard days of war and the poverty brought on by emancipation and Reconstruction. Her entries illuminate experiences shared with thousands of other southern women.

Bazoline Estelle Usher (1885 – 1992)

Bazoline Usher, who lived to the age of 106, was Atlanta’s first Supervisor of Negro Schools. She constantly fought to obtain adequate resources for the African-American children under her watch. She was an avid sports fan, enjoying basketball, baseball, football, and tennis. In fact, she became Atlanta’s Negro Tennis Champion.

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